Rask Finance: What’s the catch?

I value transparency. More than anything else.

Trust and transparency.

But I know the feeling when something is offered to you for doing nothing:

What’s the catch?

How many finance websites have you been to that offer “education” just to find that it’s marketing?

How many internet articles have you clicked on only to find you need to give your email address or start a free trial?

And if I had a dollar for every time a ‘get rich quick scheme’ popped up online…well, I be in the Bahamas sipping a mojito right now.

Let’s get a few things straight:

  • The courses on raskfinance.com will be FREE for as long as I can afford to keep the website alive (which does not cost much) — I’ll never take them down from free portals like YouTube or Facebook
  • We will never turn anyone away
  • We will never impose our thoughts or opinions on what is right or wrong in our education courses (legally, we can only provide the facts)
  • We will never ask you for an email address, payment or personal details of any kind to access our education services

We believe education should be free.

Particularly for the important things in life like healthcare and financial education.

Of course, we have to consider how to keep our service sustainable and relevant.

We don’t take commissions or kickbacks of any kind, and we don’t advertise. Period.

BUT, we are realists. We know we can’t do this forever.

That’s why we are looking at ways to make money to subsidise our free education courses, tutorials, interviews, etc.

We will never do anything that means losing our independence or the ability to be entirely transparent.

Some of the things we are actively considering include:

  • Developing a financial advice service (at a very low price point)
  • Writing a finance book(s), or textbook(s)
  • Licensing our content to financial institutions

These are just ideas.

If you have got this far, we’d love to hear what you think.

Please comment below, or email me directly: owen@raskfinance.com.

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