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As this is our very first email, I would like to introduce myself and the team at Rask Finance…

I’m Owen. You’ll be hearing from me most often. I’m a 26-year-old, local-footy-playin’ Australian, living in Melbourne’s outer east.

That’s the box I fit in.

I have spent my adult life working in finance. I’ve worked as a writer/analyst at The Motley Fool (where I still contribute as a freelancer) and as an Investment Analyst with Zenith Investment Partners, Australia’s top fund’s management research company.

My role at Zenith was especially interesting because I got to tell Australia’s top investors if they were any good at their job.

Fund Manager: “Listen, kid, I’m (poorly) investing $4.5 billion of people’s life savings and making $100 million a year”.

Me: “Riiight.”

In my time, I have written more than 3,000 articles, appeared on Channel 10’s The Project, have been invited on the BBC, and more. I have been very lucky indeed.

As I write this, I’m also pretty happy with myself – I just handed in my final assignment for my Master’s degree in Financial Planning. I have also completed a Master’s in Applied Finance, a Bachelor of Technology, Level 1 of the Chartered Financial Analyst program and more.

That’s all to say I spent perhaps too much time with my head in a textbook. So I’m thrilled to have handed in my final paper.

Behind the scenes, Sophie, our designer, has been instrumental in creating our amazing website and making our vision of producing empowering financial content become a reality. She’ll go on to do great things, I’m sure of it.

Sarah, my partner in crime and life, is the rock who has allowed me to invest money in building our service. In August, I’ll be marrying said rock (wish her luck).

And how bad can it be?

This Mexican man just married an alligator!

What is Rask Finance?

Rask Finance is the result of two long-running passions of mine: finance and education. It has taken six months to get our website up and running and put content together.

Rask Finance is – and always will be – a free source of financial education.

You can find free content anywhere on the web, but most of it won’t be relevant to everyday Aussies like you and I.

And if you go to your bank’s “education” portal it will be loaded with marketing and psychology, a recipe designed to make you feel a little bit informed but leave you with more questions.

We do not provide financial advice. And, I make this promise to you: You will never pay for our educational content. Never.

And, if we, someday, offer you financial advice, it’ll be because you want it.

Our Courses

We’ve recently completed our shares/stocks course. Complete with some excellent videos and quizzes, it’ll teach you everything you need to know about share market investing in Australia. If you only watch the videos, it’ll take you 20 minutes.

That’s a pretty small time investment for something you will be doing — either inside or outside of super — the rest of your life.

I suggest doing one or two videos a day, reading what’s on the page, then answering the questions.

Do it will while you’re sitting on the can.

Or while you’re breathing in this year’s flu on the train to work.

Here’s our “What are Shares” video…

We’re also pushing ahead with our ultimate personal finance course dubbed, “Rask 1 to 100“. We’re building up to 100 videos covering everything.

Once we are done with that course, you’ll never need a finance expert again.

That’s my promise.

Finally, we’ve just launched our superannuation course, “Super 10“.

Don’t let the name fool you – it’s 12 videos.

But 10 sounds better.

In less than 20 minutes you will be able to take advantage of Australia’s answer to your retirement: your super fund.

Soon, we’ll be launching into podcasts and interviews.

If you have ever wanted to hear from someone (an author, a CEO, business leader, athlete, property guru, etc.) let me know, I’ll add them to my “to interview” list.

This newsletter will contain links to all of our latest content. I’ll also share my commentary on the latest business news and questions from readers.
While you wait, take a look at our blog.

In addition to news, commentary and analysis, I’m trying to read four books a month. So I’ll keep you up-to-date with my latest book recommendations.

But it goes both ways: let me know what you are reading!

Here is to your financial future,

Owen Raszkiewicz

E: [email protected]

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