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That’s right.

I interrupt our regular programming to bring you this special report:

“How To: Fall Pregnant and Give Birth in 1 Month”

Before I get to the good stuff, let’s quickly recap on why most of us want children:

  • For the vomit, number-1’s and number-2’s. Check.
  • Because ‘it’ costs us $300,000 to raise ‘it’ until age 18 – and then some. Check.
  • For the terrible-two’s, the know-it-all 9’s and the entitled 10 to twenty-somethings. Triple-check.

You get the point.

It’s a joy, to say the least.

But seriously…

For most of us, having kids is our life goal.

It’s our mission.

Most of us can think of nothing better than going to the footy or netball with our young ones, seeing them graduate school with a three-sizes-too-small shiny silver suit (thanks, mum!), or — best of all — the day they tie the knot with that someone special.

(You know, the one you actually approve of).

For anyone that cannot have children, hearing that news can be devastating.

But, if it’s any comfort, I truly believe that fathers and mothers are not bound by biology.

Step or foster parents can be equally — if not more — influential on a young person.

You: “I thought this was finance newsletter…”

By now you’re probably questioning why the heck I’m writing about children in a finance email.

Picture this…

Last week, I was trolling through Twitter as I sat on the dunny (it’s the modern equivalent of a newspaper — plus, I own shares in Twitter so I gotta represent).

And just as I was about to log off — try to pardon the pun — I saw this quote from Mr Warren Buffett, the world’s best investor and third richest man:

“You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant”

Warren, ever the wordsmith with the ladies – even at the spritely age of 86 — nailed it.

Aside from striking it rich with perfectly healthy children, many of us dream of striking it rich financially.

We put multi-millionaires and billionaires on a pedestal.

“Your ticket to dream”, goes the tagline of one gambling agency.

The gambling agencies and rip-off merchants know that most of us think the quickest way to get from point A (the present) to point B (children, wealth, power) is to be quick about it!

We are suckers for a Get Rich Quick scheme.

Take a look around.

We get drawn into property investment seminars.

We toil for the next online share ‘trading’ platform.

Digital currencies…




The list goes on…

But the hard truth is this: Getting nine women pregnant won’t get you a baby sooner.

Biologically, it’s not possible.

Trust me, I’ve tri…


It is the same as someone saying: Doing more will get you rich faster.

It won’t.

In fact, it is the opposite.

As my favourite US business writer, Morgan Housel, once wrote, “99% of long-term investing is doing nothing; the other 1% will change your life“.

Trying to do too much now will kill you.

Emotionally, physically and — yep, you guessed it — financially.

An Overnight Sensation in 10 years

Making serious, long-term wealth takes time. Just like conceiving — and living with — children.

It’s hard work.

For every school graduation, there are 1,000 freezing 6am mornings with Weetbix spilt on the car seat.

For every “I do” there are 10 slimy, hair-gelled, Justin Bieber wannabes throwing rocks at your daughter’s window late at night.

It’s the same with your finances.

Good things take time. Consider that Buffett, who is currently 86 years old and worth a cool $US75 billion, had ‘only’ $300 million by age 60.

That means, in the last 16 years, he made more than 99% of his wealth.

To put it another way, it took him 60 years to make his first 1% but just 16 years to make the other 99%.

How did he do it?

Compound interest, that’s how…

Video: What is Compound Interest?

What’s the message here?

Sometimes, no matter what we do, no matter how hard we try…

The best things in life take time.

Here’s to your financial future,

Owen Raszkiewicz

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