Dearest Reader,

I’m interrupting our regular programming to ask you a massive favour.

By “regular”, I mean, “is this blog really regular?”

By “programming” I mean, “there’s a program? what the heck am I talking about?”

Finally, by “massive” I mean, “it will take about 2 min of your time”.

But, seriously, I’m having a little trouble understanding why some Aussies make the decisions they make (reading my ramblings is one of those decisions).

I’m hoping you could take a moment (approx. 2mins in total) to fill out this anonymous survey


Alternatively, fill in the survey below.


It’s anonymous. And I’ll be sharing the group’s results in next week’s email, along with some of our other juicy, regular, programming.

Until next week, you stay classy.

Owen Raszkiewicz


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