The 1st day of every month is my absolute favorite.


Each and every month I collect data from our free financial education website,, and hosting platforms.

Today, I was thrilled to see that our videos and audio content have been viewed for a grand total of 2,999.93 hours. That means, today is the day we hit 3,000 hours.


We are small-fry compared to the banks, which spend millions on financial edu-marketing. But considering our YouTube marketing budget totaled $92.60 I think we’ve done pretty well.

Why Offer Free Finance Courses?

In my opinion, there are two things every Aussie needs to know the basics of:

  1. Health
  2. Money

You don’t need a uni degree. A base level of knowledge will have a profound effect on your well-being. Don’t eat hamburgers for breakfast. Paying 1% more in Super fees can result in 20% less after 30 years.

Unfortunately, many finance companies don’t want you to know how easy it is to manage your own finances and achieve your goals.

But finance is simple – and it can be fun. Just ask everyone who has taken our free beginner shares course.

Sure, you need a dose of motivation and a willingness to invest some time.

But I believe just 15 minutes a day of reading, watching and/or listening for a few months will pay big dividends down the track.

Rask Finance’s journey started in June 2016 with the goal of being, “Australia’s source of free financial education.”

We’re still a way off, but we’re on track.

Our 3 Most Popular Finance VideosHere are the most popular videos from the Rask network.

Valuation: Discounted Cash Flow

Take the free tutorial here.

Valuation: Balance Sheets

Take the free tutorial here.

Valuation: Dividend Models

Take the free tutorial here.

Outside of investing, some of our everyday finance tutorials are also very popular:

My Problem With Financial Education

Ironically, the #1 problem with high-quality financial education is that it’s not sustainable.It can cost thousands of dollars to create one video — we get a grand total of $0 for it. That doesn’t make financial sense.

Worse still, after we factor in compliance, Australian licensing costs and all that fun stuff, we’re quickly out of pocket tens of thousands per year. Believe me, it hurts.

For us here at Rask we offered a paid service, Rask Invest, to help us sustain the education and provide a comprehensive strategy for wealth creation. Fortunately, it’s doing really well for our members.

What’s Next?
Rask Finance was the first of three ‘Rask’ websites. On our partner network, you will find Rask Media, a news and analysis website. We recently launched a rapidly-growing podcast series and are hosting our first event in Melbourne — come along!

Over the coming month, we’ll be adding more videos, podcasts, courses and quizzes to the Rask Finance platform. Be sure to test them out or share them with a friend or family member who needs a financial kickstart.

If you want to hear more about our plans as a business, offer feedback or tips, or ask a question, please send me an email via the Rask Finance contact us page.

Take Our Free Quiz

If you’re game, why not take our free share market investing quiz?


Thanks for your support and cheers to our financial futures!
Owen Raszkiewicz
Founder, Lead Adviser of Rask Invest

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