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Rask Finance is a free source of empoweringfinancial education

We set up Rask Finance to be Australia's source of free financial education.

Our goal is simple: Give everyone access to the best financial education possible.

We offer relevant and easy-to-understand finance courses, podcasts and other relevant information. Best of all, it's free. 



The percentage of people who feel they don't have enough money to see an adviser

The number of Australians who invest in shares

The percentage of people who trust the financial services industry

What We Provide

Rask Finance provides free courses, quizzes, videos and information for educational purposes only.

We think every Aussie and Kiwi deserves access to financial education that is trustworthy and unconflicted. It's about giving you the tools to build your own future.


As we've grown, we've had more and more people ask us for our opinion on certain financial strategies.

In 2018, we launched a new online general financial advice service which is designed to help more Australians by providing a strategy for repaying debt, investing, budgeting and much more.

It's called Rask Invest.

We called it Rask 'invest' because the strategy is designed to turn anyone into an investor.

In 2019 we launched a second 'lite' service specifically for beginners and those who want a no-fuss way to invest their money.

Check out our Rask Invest memberships here.

you visit. you like. you come again. simple.

Our service is built for you.

If you like our stuff, we love it.

Partnering with Rask Finance

Rask Finance is actively partnering with Australia's best financial institutions. And we are proud of it.

Our goal is to give every person, young and old, access to the best financial education possible. If you're interested in hearing more, get in contact today!

Thanks for helping us help others.

Owen Raszkiewicz,
Founder and Director

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