FREE Finance Courses

Courses If You're Just Starting Out

 Rask 1 to 100

As they say in Mexico, the "whole enchilada". This free course combines basic personal finance stuff like budgeting with investing, retirement and more!

Shares 1-ohhh-1

Want to learn more about investing in shares in Australia (or anywhere else)?
This is a free course designed to provide the facts like what are shares?, how do I buy them?, what are dividends?, and why is diversification Important?


1 + 2 = 10 Accounting

We cover the basics of accounting in Australia.

From tax to accounting for finance, need-to-know finance terms (e.g. EBIT) and how to read financial statements.

The Super 10

SUPERannuation is Australia's answer to retirement.

We cover everything you should know in less than 30 minutes of video! How to contribute, fees, insurance and switching.

Video Mini Series

Getting Started In Shares

A 3-part series discussing the basics of
sharemarket investing in Australia.

We answer:
Why shares? Are shares like gambling?
How to buy shares?
Tips for getting started the right way.

Hedge Funds 101

A multi-video series discussing the basics of hedge funds.
We answer:

What are hedge funds? Are they risky?
What strategies do they use?
Other topics: options, hedging, beta and managed funds

Email Investing Masterclasses

Thousands of hours of reading, research, study and experience back up these FREE investing email series, delivered to your inbox every morning over three or four days. Designed to help you identify better ways to invest your time, effort and money.

These are more than 'wishy-washy' marketing email series. These emails give you the insights to follow our investment processes, step-by-step.


The Investing Masterclass

4 Days. 4 Actionable Steps. Invest Better.
  • Day 1: Avoiding blow-ups and filtering the stockmarket for your best ideas.
  • Day 2: Identifying the highest quality shares on the market. Exactly what we look for.
  • Day 3: Evaluating management. The good, the bad and the downright U-G-L-Y.
  • Day 4: Valuation. The art, science and tools of expert investors.

The ETF Masterclass

3 Days. 3 Actionable Steps. Invest Better.

  •  Day 1: How we invest in ETFs and small-cap growth shares at the same time.
  • Day 2: The 7 tricks we use to identify (and buy) the best ASX ETFs.
  • Day 3: How to build a diversified ETF investment portfolio and get started today. 

Courses For The Advanced Student

The Value of Everything

Ever wondered how to value a business?

Want to be an investment analyst?

This advanced course is for you.

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