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Emanuel Datt - Family

Emanuel Datt is the Managing Director of the Datt Family Office and Datt Capital, a relatively new investment management company based in Melbourne.

In this episode, we discuss Emanuel’s early life and growing up with two entrepreneurial parents, his mother was a general practitioner while his father owned and operated a motel and invested heavily in commercial property.

Emanuel talks at length about his earliest successes and failures in markets, the psychology of investing, culture, a major ASX-listed technology investment, lending large sums of money to property developers and running a multi-asset portfolio.

Please enjoy this episode with Emanuel Datt of Datt Capital.

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Show Notes

Show Notes:

  • 0:45: intro to Emanuel
  • 2:30: Emanuel's early interests in money
  • 8:00: Spending big on private schooling
  • 11:00: Managing the family businesses
  • 13:30: Emanuel starts investing -- loses everything ($1,000)
  • 16:00: Learning about investing and betting $30k on the uranium boom
  • 20:00: Tips for spending less and saving lots
  • 24:30: Emanuel's father passes and he takes responsibility for the family's financial affairs
  • 29:00: Trying to develop a multi-million-dollar property
  • 35:00: Just how much money did Emanuel's family make?
  • 38:00: Why did Emanuel become a PM?
  • 49:00: A 25% position in one technology stock! (Afterpay)
  • 53:00: Considering buying the Reject Shop at 30% cash flow
  • 58:00: Risks to property debt deals
  • 1:06:00: Is it really difficult to buy individual bonds in Australia?
  • 1:10:00: Charity and Datt Capital's commitment
  • 1:12:00: Would Emanuel change anything if he could go back in time?

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