Two Memberships.
Expert Investing Ideas
& Lots More.

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Two Memberships.
Expert Investing Ideas
& Lots More.

Learn More Below

2 Memberships. Lots Of Expert Insights.

Rask Invest is our password-protected, members-only website which provides our expert money strategy and #1 investment ideas.

We offer TWO memberships.

Both membership levels include access to The Rask Invest Strategy, an all-in-one money strategy to get the most from your money and grow wealthy. The differences are as follows: 

How The Finances Section Works

Money 101.

In this section, You'll learn:

  • How to build an emergency cash buffer ASAP (very important)
  • The types of bank accounts that suit our budget strategy
  • Plus the details of the best insurance policy on the market (it doesn't cost a cent!)

The Rask Budget

In The Rask Budget section, you'll...

  • Get the exact details of the budget strategy Owen uses each day
  • Discover a new way to think about money -- we've designed a strategy to remove the worry of money and make growing wealth simple and rewarding
  • Receive our budgeting guide, to know exactly how much to spend, save and invest
  • Receive access to Rask Invest's Budget calculators

Debt Dominos.

In the ‘Debts’ you’ll uncover:

  • How the Rask Invest strategy nails credit cards and nasty debts charging 10% interest (or more!) -- once and for all!
  • We also have rock-solid rules on repaying HECS HELP, credit cards, personal loans, cars, and...
  • Tips for picking a better mortgage (this alone could justify a Rask Invest membership fee!)


Our advice on buying and selling includes:

  • The Rask Invest property checklistto be completed before you buy
  • Tracey's story and how a simple phone call to your bank could save hundreds -- or maybe even thousands -- in bank interest
  • A proven way to buy into a property portfolio with as little as $500
  • We'll also ask (and answer), is property an investment?

Super & Wills.

Get Owen's answers and education on:

  • 1 simple -- but Super -- strategy to protect yourself and your family
  • Knowing how much Super fees you're paying & what to look for
  • Which insurances you should own and how much you need
  • How to get professional advice from lawyers and accountants
  • Hours of education & advice

Risk Control

  • This section covers the facts (read: the ins-and-outs) of health, travel, home, contents and car insurance industry
  • Why pride could be costing low-income earners thousands each year
  • Must-know money saving tips 
  • A 2-minute test that could save you hundreds -- or thousands each year!

How Owen Invests

Investing 101

Investing 101 is for beginners. You'll get:

  • The step-by-step basics guide of sharemarkets & buying your first share
  • The not-so-secret strategy which ties The Rask Budget to long-term investing success
  • A free guide on how to trade ASX and global shares

Owen’s model share portfolio

Rask Invest Complete Access is perfect for DIY investors because it includes Owen's #1 ASX and global investment ideas (shares & ETFs). You'll get:

  • Access to all of Owen's past and present #1 investment ideas (he scours the ASX and international markets to find his best ideas)
  • Members-only commentary and insights into how Owen invests in ASX and global markets and why
  • All of our free investing ebooks, videos and downloadable content
  • Ongoing coverage of current share ideas in the model portfolio

(Please note: Rask Invest members have 5 days' headstart on Owen and the Rask Invest model portfolio. Meaning, using his own money, he'll buy into the latest investment idea 5 days after releasing his best idea exclusively to Rask Invest members)

How The Rask Invest ETF Portfolio Works

More Reasons To Get COMPLETE ACCESS.

If you join Rask Invest Complete Access, our complete wealth package, you will get instant access to everything inside Rask Invest for one full year for just $365 (equivalent to around $1 per day).

When you join, you'll also get exclusive access to:

  • Weekly updates
  • The Rask Invest community and discussion forum
  • Q&A with Owen
  • Complimentary access to Rask events and seminars, and
  • Loads more

Meet Owen, Lead Adviser

Owen Raszkiewicz is the Founder of Rask Finance and Rask Invest.

Prior to founding The Rask Group, Owen was an investment analyst at the highly regarded managed funds research business Zenith Investment Partners and a Writer/Analyst for The Motley Fool Australia.

Owen has appeared on The Project TV and been invited on BBC Asia. He has written thousands of articles with analysis and commentary on ASX shares, many of which have been featured in Yahoo! Finance, MSN Money and more. In addition, his financial education videos have been viewed for more than 2,000 hours. He is also the host of the popular Australian Investors Podcast.

Owen holds a Master's of Applied Finance, Master's of Financial Planning, Bachelor of Technology and Advanced Diploma of Financial Services. He has also completed Level 1 of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) program.

In addition to starting The Rask Group, which includes Rask Finance and Rask Invest; Owen launched Rask Media -- a free financial news platform reaching tens of thousands of investors every month.

Owen has taken the Banking + Finance Oath.

How does Owen Invest? Click here to find out.

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