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Carlos Gil - Micro

Carlos Gil is the Founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Microequities, a specialist small-cap fund manager. 

Carlos started life as a paperboy before studying at the University of Sydney. 

Previously, Carlos worked in Madrid while at the same time he compiled ASX research for his own investments back here in Australia. Once he returned home he started Microequities initially as a research business before launching his first managed fund on the lowest day for the Australian share market during the Global Financial Crisis

Carlos has since gone on to sharpen his philosophy, process and strategy for researching and owning some of Australia’s most promising undervalued small companies. This is a great episode for DIY investors and those actively buying small cap stocks. 

Show Notes

Talking points:

  • 0:45 - Intro to Carlos
  • Investment process
  • Stock filtering process
  • How Carlos chooses risk weightings and discount rates
  • Portfolio management
  • Are ETFs changing small-cap investing?
  • What would Carlos tell himself about money and investing?

Learn more about Carlos: 

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