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From The Guys & Gals
Who Brought You
Rask Finance


From The Guys & Gals
Who Brought You
Rask Finance


Online General Financial Advice

Rask Invest is a members-only advice service. Rask Invest members get access to general financial advice on... 

   ASX & International Shares


   Health, Travel, Home, Car & Contents Insurance

   Bank Accounts

Rask Invest Members Receive More

Rask Invest members receive tips, information and education on important financial concepts, including...


     Strategies to remove debt sooner

     Property buying, selling & investing

     New ways to think about money and investing

Rask Members Can Access Owen Rask's Model Investment Portfolio

Rask Invest members can see Owen's latest share ideas and investment portfolio.
Better still, they get 5 days' head start.
Meaning, they can buy the latest share ideas before he does!


Q: Why Did Owen Start Rask Invest?


Hi, I'm Owen, the Founder of Rask Finance and Rask Invest.

Although I've appeared on national television, had my investing tutorials viewed for thousands of hours and launched a rapidly growing news website, my true passion lies with educating people to invest and getting the most from their finances.

So in 2017, the team and I at Rask set out on a mission. Our goal was simple:


Find a new way to get more education, high-quality information and general financial advice to as many Aussies as possible.

What I've Learned About Investing

I've been an investor for years and learned a thing or two about financial markets along the way.

I've learned that many people are probably better-off keeping it simple and investing in a low-cost 'no fuss' share index fund strategy -- provided they have the stomach to handle the wild ups and downs of stock markets!

I've also learned that bad advisers can do terrible things with people's money if they are left unchecked. That's because no-one will be as committed to your finances as you are.

Step up, Rask Invest - a members-only website which provides access to my model share investment portfolio and my tips for getting your finances in good shape. What I suggest to Rask Invest members is what my family does each and every day.

Heck, I follow the Rask Invest model portfolio using my own money.

  Q: What Type of Investment Ideas Are Included In Owen's Model Investment Portfolio?

I scan the Australian stock exchange (ASX) and international markets for new share ideas and exclusively release my 'best ideas' to Rask Invest members.

I'll buy into the latest investment idea. But 5 days after Rask Invest members receive a notification telling them that my latest investment idea is available.

Q: Why is it important that Owen buys the share ideas after Rask Invest members?

By buying into the Rask Invest share ideas I hope it gives our members a sense that I'm eating my own cooking. (Hooray! It's not poison!)

I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

So not only is my 'name on the door' -- 'Rask' is the shorter (and easier) version of my surname -- but my reputation and my money are on the line with Rask Invest.

It Gets Better

Before you go thinking 'this bloke is just another one of those wanky investment guys who appear on SkyBiz', I should say that Rask Invest goes way beyond shares and investing.

In truth, it took me more than 6 months to create the 'other' part of Rask Invest.

You: "What is he talking about?"

In addition to receiving access to my latest investment ideas as they drop, Rask Invest members also receive exclusive access to the entire Rask Invest strategy.

 But Wait, There's More

A Rask Invest membership includes access to all of my information, education, tips and general financial advice on:



       Life Insurance

       Health Insurance

       Home, contents and car insurance


        Retirement, and more

I never wanted to be another (balding) finance bloke from the TV. 

(Ok, I'll admit, I can't avoid the 'balding' part)

My goal was to offer Aussies the chance to take a bite at 'the whole enchilada' and see how my family's simple budget ties in with my research on Super, insurance, retirement and my day-to-day investing.

Providing investment research is just one part of the finance industry I'm passionate about.

So for one price Rask Invest members get access to it all.

There are no hidden costs or extras -- yet we're constantly adding new content.

A 7-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee

If you Rask Invest today and don't like it, I'll refund your cash in full in the first 5 working days.

How Much Does Rask Invest Cost?

The price of a one-year membership to Rask Invest is $365 -- equivalent to around $1 per day (depending on the year). 

If you can find better value for money anywhere else, we'll beat it.

I Can't Afford $365

Our mission is to bring the highest-quality general financial advice to as many people as possible.

So if you can't afford it, please reach out to myself or my team and we'll work with you to get a membership to Rask Invest.

But, remember, we still have hours of videos, educational content, courses and quizzes available for free on www.raskfinance.com.

Our educational content will -- for as long as YouTube and the internet allows it -- remain free.

Cheers to our financial futures!

Owen Raszkiewicz
Founder & Lead Adviser
The Rask Group

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