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Show Notes

Does the topic of money stress you out or make you want to run for the hills? Are you interested in achieving financial freedom and getting out of debt? Are you trying to save up for your dream vacation, house or retire comfortably? Although we can’t snap our fingers and make those things a reality for you right now, if you stick with us during this podcast series it is our intention that you’ll walk away with actionable knowledge and resources to kick-start those goals and work towards making them a reality.

Banking, Budgets and Emergency Funds! We know they’re probably some of your least favourite words but when it comes to your finances, they’re probably some of the most important.  Without understanding the products that you’re using, your money in/money out picture and having an emergency fund for life’s unexpected curveballs, you’re putting yourself in a position where your money (or lack of) controls you.

In this episode, we break down some of the key things you should look for in your common banking products, how to start putting together your budget and why an emergency fund is an essential step towards building a sound financial future!

Why is an emergency fund important?

  • You’ll get wiped out if you stop earning
  • Helps you stay afloat when unforeseen situations happen (without going into debt)
  • Helps you to avoid selling assets at a bad time to get the money you require
  • Gives you peace of mind and freedom to get out of a bad situation

Comparison Sites

Want to save more money – try these three evidence-based tactics.

MoneySmart: Building an Emergency Fund

Listen Money Matters: The Importance of an Emergency Fund

Business Insider: It takes an average of 82 days in Australia to find a new job

50/30/20 Budget & Calculator


Owen’s Budget

Rask Budget In Detail

Saving 101

You’ve seen Afterpay popping up all over the place, and are starting to realise that it’s a lot easier to get a credit card than you thought. Maybe you’ve decided to pay off your consumer debt and cut up your credit card. In this episode, we break down the various debt and credit products you may be already using or looking at, chat about the true cost of a personal loan and some debt demolition methods.

Rask Finance: Debt

Barefoot Investor: Why Afterpay is the marijuana of credit

Credit Card Example

debt-credit-card-betaAssumptions: the effect of fees and additional spending are excluded; 2% minimum repayment rate; the extra repayment rate is held constant. This result is an estimate only. Use the MoneySmart Calculator (CLICK HERE).

Comparison Sites

StudyAssist – Loan Repayment Information

HECs ATO Voluntary Repayments

Financial Counselling Resources

MoneySmart: Financial Counselling

Canstar: What does a financial counsellor do?

Financial Counselling Australia

National Debt Hotline

Good Shepard Microfinance

Stuff happens in life that you don’t expect – we both know that, but despite that knowledge, we often don’t prepare financially for when (excuse my French), shit hits the fan. In this episode, we chat about the importance of having an emergency fund and why it should be a key priority when you’re starting to sort out your financial health. We also delve into the strange and often complex world of insurance, the stuff no one wants to pay for, but they’re grateful they did when the unexpected happens.

Owen’s Checklist

Click here to download PDF on insurance
Click to download PDF.

Good Resources

MoneySmart: Life Insurance Calculator

Financial Rights Legal Centre: Driver’s Information

MoneySmart: Insurance Information

MoneySmart: Disaster-Proof Your Finances

Insurance Comparison Sites

Have you heard the phrase cash is king before? Well, in this episode we’re diving into why that phrase doesn’t quite hold true, and the downsides to purely leaving your money in cash. We’ll also look at the difference between saving and investing, and dispel some of those pesky rumours that are holding you back from investing. Let’s just say, you definitely don’t need to be wealthy to start investing and building wealth.

APRA Register of Authorised Deposit-Taking Institutions

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